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Bangladesh - health and safety law

Health, Safety and Welfare Law
The new Labour Code 2006 sets out the health, safety and welfare obligations imposed upon employers and others towards workers in most industrial and commercial premises. The law relating to the safety of construction workers is set out in the Bangladesh National Building Code 2006. There is no health and safety law applying to agricultural workers.

**New: The CCA has produced a new briefing on how workers and trade unions can enforce the labour code in relation to health, safety, and welfare issues. Click here to download

Labour Code

- Key Differences between the Labour Code 2006 and the Factories Act 1965
- Duties upon employers, occupiers etc
- Powers of Inspection and Enforcement
- Prosecution of offences and sentencing
- Government Powers to enact new rules
Bangladesh National Building Code

- Introduction
- What are the obligations?
- How it is supposed to be enforced?






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Page last updated on February 25, 2008