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Bangladesh - National Building Code
Bangladesh National Building Code - Enforcement

The Code itself requires the government to “establish a new or designate an existing agency” to be responsible for its enforcement in any given area. This ‘code enforcing agency’ is referred to at “the Authority” (para. 2.1).

The person who heads the Authority is called the “Building Official” and must be “at least an engineer, architect or planner” (para. 2.1.4). This person can employ “officers, technical assistants, inspectors and other employees” to carry out the responsibilities assigned to the Building Official.

All employees “shall be adequately qualified to carry out the responsibilities assigned to them by the Building official.” (para. 2.1.4)

The Building official (and his officers) has the power to enter any building or premises “at reasonable times” to undertake an inspection (para 2.2.6). The Official has the authority to “order an immediate discontinuation of the work” if it is found that any work is not proceedings according to the approved plan (para. 2.2.8).

It is an offence for “Any person, firm, corporation or government department or agency who as owner of the property erects, constructs, enlarges, alters, repairs, moves, improves, removes, converts, demolishes, equips, uses, occupies or maintains any building or structure or cause or permit the same to be done in violation of this Code.” The term owner includes any “developer” (para 2.6.1).

The Authority is required to take legal action against offenders (para 2.6.1).

There is no provision in the Code for the level of penalty on conviction

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Page last updated on April 24, 2007