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Government powers

Section Obligation
52(5) The Government can prescribe measures that should be used in particular kinds of establishment to reduce excessively high temperatures
64(2) Can prohibit the cleaning lubrication or adjusting of certain specified parts of a machinery when they are in motion



The Government can introduce rules that require effective screens or suitable goggle are provide to works where there is a risk or injury to the eyes from fragments, or excessive light or heat
  Where the Government is satisfied that any operation exposes a person to serious risk of bodily injury, poisoning or disease, it may make rules (a) specifying that a particular operation is hazardous (b) prohibiting woman, adolescents or children being involved in it (c) requiring workers undertaking periodical medical examination; (d) providing for the protection of persons employed in the operation or those in its vicinity and (e) providing for notices setting out the need for careful use of harmful chemicals in the operation.
  The Government can, ‘if it considers it expedient so to do” appoint a competent person, along with specialist legal or other assessors, to enquire into the causes of any accident, explosion, fire, forceful entrance of water or fumes, or contracted disease


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Page last updated on April 26, 2007