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Bangladesh National Building Code - Introduction

Until recently, employers, developers and others had no legal responsibilities in relation to the health and safety and welfare of construction workers.

This has now changed since the enactment into law of the Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC) in November 2006.

The BNBC had been initially drafted in 1993 by the Housing and Building Research Institute – but did not have the force of law. 13 years later – and without any consideration of whether any revisions were required – it was made into law.

Only a very small part of the BNBC deals with issues of worker health, safety and welfare – and these are also rather undeveloped.

Moreover, still, as of the end of April, no enforcing body has been established.

However the enactment of the Code into law is a significant start.
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Page last updated on April 26, 2007