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CCA Press Releases: 1999- 2001
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CCA Press Releases: 1999-2001

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5 Sept 2001 "Launch of Advice Service for Families Bereaved as a Result of a Work-Related Death"
Press Release issued when CCA formally launched its advice Service
3 Aug 2001 "Crown Prosecution Service Drop Manslaughter and Safety Charges against a Company Director"
Press Release issued in relation to the prosecution of a company called "English Brothers"
25 July 2001 "Judge Dismisses Corporate Manslaughter Prosecution"
Press Release issued after the trial relating to the death of Gerard Byrne in June 1999
12 July 2001
"Press Note of Forthcoming Corporate Manslaughter Trial involving Death of Gerard Byrne"
17 May 2001
Analysis of Election Manifestos of Three Main Parties
27 Feb 2001

Number of HSE Inspectors responsible for construction safety published

25 Oct.2000
"CCA Comments on HSC Proposals To Reform Its Enforcement Policy Statement"
Press Release issued when HSC published its proposed Revised Enforcement Policy Statement
22 Sept 2000
Concerns about Home Office Proposals to Reform Law Of Manslaughter
CCA summary of its response to the Home office proposals
7 June 2000
"The CCA Welcomes Government Commitment to Impose Safety Duties upon Directors"
Press Release issued on release of Government's Strategy Statement, "Revitalising Health and Safety"
23 May 2000
CCA's Initial Response to Publication of Home Office Proposals to Reform the Law of Manslaughter
14 April 2000
Ten Minute Rule Bill on Reform of the Law of Manslaughter
5 Apr. 2000
"High Court Quashes Health and Safety Executive Decision Not to Investigate Work Related Death - Holding Original Decision to be Unlawful"
Press Release concerning death of Omar Akhtar in August 1997
31 Mar 2000 Note on forthcoming Judicial Review against the Health and Safety Executive over the death of Omar Akhtar
20 Mar 2000 Note on Forthcoming Judicial Review of Crown Prosecution Service's Decision not to Prosecute over the death of Simon Jones
15 Feb 2000 "Select Committee's Report published
Press Release Concerning Select Committee's report
23 Nov 1999 Press Release concerning evidence to be given by Minister and HSC to the Select Committee
2 Nov 1999 "New Evidence reveals companies escaping criminal investigation and prosecution."
CCA Evidence to the Select Committee on Environment, Transport and the Regions
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