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Advice & Assistance

Work-Related Death Advice Service
The CCA is the only national non-governmental organisation in Britain that provides free, independent and confidential advice and assistance to families bereaved from a work-related death.

We give advice on all kinds of deaths to both workers and to members of the public who have died where the circumstances raise questions about the working practices of an organisation.

It could be a death on a construction site, in a hospital, in a road-traffic incident or in a care home.

Contact us on 0207 490 4494 and say that you want to speak to a case-worker. Or you can e-mail us, by clicking here

We provide advice on all investigation and prosecution issues arising out of the death.

We help families deal with the police, the health and safety executive, local authorities, maritime and coastguard agency, and the Crown Prosecution Service.

We find out information for the family, write letters to the different state bodies and attend meetings along with the families.

We will help families understand the process and help assess whether an adequate investigation has been carried out and whether the evidence has been scrutinised properly.

What exactly do we do? The CCA has recently written a 'Service Strategy' about the sort of advice we provide and how we go about it. Click Here to download it.

If you want to find more about the sort of advice we can provide in relation to a death, please click here

How good are we? In early 2003, we undertook an anonymised assessment of the adequacy and effectiveness of our advice. To see this, click here

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Page last updated on June 6, 2004