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CCA Press Releases - 2002

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13 Dec 2002
Legal Action forces Coroner to Hold Inquest into Four men workplace tragedy
29 Nov 2002

HSE's Supports the Retention of Inquests into Work-Related Deaths

13 Nov 2002

Analysis of the Queen's Speech

12 Nov 2002

Queen Speech Watch!
Will the Labour Government legislate for changes on Safety and Accountability?

11 Nov 2002

Analysis of the Government’s Proposed Criminal Justice Reforms
Analysis of Tony Blair's Article on 'Criminal Justice' in Observer newspaper

8 Nov 2002 Disappointment at Reports that Corporate Killing reforms absent from Queen's Speech
14 Oct 2002

Safety Last?" Report Unearths Fall in Workplace Inspections.

Under Embargo 00.01 Wednesday 16 October 2002

07 Oct 2002 Bereaved Families tell government committee: "Don’t Stop Inquests into Work-Related Deaths"
01 Oct 2002 Correspondence of Home Office with private sector reveals Government’s current thinking.
26 Sept 2002 CCA sets out why HSE should revise Procedures relating to Prosecution of Crown Servants
9 Sept 2002 Proposals to revise Manslaughter Investigation Procedures
Press Release issued in repsonse to proposed changes to death investigation procedures
15 Aug 2002 Judicial Review Launched to hold new Inquest into Work-related death
The family of Stephane Aineto, a 28 year old Frenchman killed in Brighton when he was run over by a Council refuse truck in July 2001 has applied to the High Court in London for a judicial review of the coroner’s inquest that was held in December 2001.
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