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CCA Press Releases - 2007
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CCA Press Releases - 2007

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20 Nov

CCA welcomes changes in Regulators Compliance Code regarding prosecutions - but continues to question the code's tone and relevance
CCA concerns that the draft Regulators Compliance Code could become a "corporate criminal's charter" have been partly allayed by the Government's agreement to insert a new paragraph into the Code making it explicit that regulators like the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) can prosecute duty holders in a wide set of circumstances.

30 Oct

"Bringing Justice to the Boardroom" - the case against voluntary guidance and in favour of a change in the law to impose safety duties on directors
A new report by the Centre for Corporate Accountability sets out how many of the arguments used by the HSE to support the introduction of voluntary guidance for directors on health and safety responsibilities, without first changing the law to impose safety obligations upon them, are misleading.

28 Aug

“A Charter for Corporate Criminals”  - safety charity responds to Cabinet Office's draft Code of Practice for Regulators
The draft Code of Practice for Regulators – which will apply to the Health and Safety Commission and Executive and will have the force of law - needs significant changes to avoid simply being a “Charter for Corporate Criminals,” the Centre for Corporate Accountability has told the Cabinet Office’s Better Regulation Executive.

23 July CCA welcomes passing of Corporate Manslaughter bill through the Lords - and hopes for end of immunity for large and medium sized organisations.
The Centre for Corporate Accountability (CCA) welcomes the passing of the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Bill through the Lords today.
18 July

Government concedes on deaths in custody and paves way for corporate manslaughter bill to become law
The Government has tabled today a new amendment of the Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Bill allowing the new offence to apply to deaths in prison and police custody.

3 July

HSE’s refusal to provide information on deceased workers subject to scrutiny by Information Commissioner
The information commissioner is determining whether or not HSE’s refusal to provide the CCA the names of individuals who have died at work is in breach of the Freedom of information Act.

22 Jun

The CCA writes to all members of the House of Lords urging them to support the Corporate Manslaughter Bill without further amendmentThe CCA - the charity that advises families bereaved from work-related deaths and lobbies for legal and policy change - has urged all members of the House of Lords to support on Monday 25 June the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Bill without further amendment.

15 Jun Family hope for vital answers at worker death inquest in Northern Ireland
The two sisters of a man killed at a packaging factory in Lurgan eight years ago hope that they will find out why their brother died and why there was no prosecution taken by the Northern Ireland HSE at the inquest into his death which starts this week.
18 May The Lords Should Support the new Commons
Amendment - so the new corporate manslaughter bill becomes Law now, says CCA
10 May The Government must keep its promise to bereaved families – pass the Corporate Manslaughter Bill now
"After a 10 year wait since the Labour Government first promised to reform the law of corporate manslaughter, the Government is reported to be considering dropping the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Bill – rather than supporting a Lords amendment that would allow the Bill to apply to police and prison custody deaths. In the CCA’s view such a threat is entirely unacceptable. This Bill must pass – preferably with the amendment, but without if necessary."
28 Apr

HSE Chief Executive admits that prosecution levels should be "considerably higher" and tells staff of concern at low prosecution levels
Although HSE's Director General, Geoffrey Podger, has issued a statement today saying that reduction in conviction levels following construction sector deaths is a 'distraction', eight months ago he e-mailed staff saying that prosecution levels should be 'considerably higher"

27 Apr International Labour Organisation asks Bangladesh government to respond to criticisms of Factory Inspectorate set out in CCA report
The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has asked the Bangladesh Government to respond to a report which sets out serious inadequacies in the manning and operation of the Factory Inspectorate - the key state body in Bangladesh which is responsible for enforcing helath and safety law.
25 Apr

HSE prosecutes in only one third of the cases that it should, internal HSE audit shows
An internal audit undertaken by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) into enforcement decisions by both HSE and Local Authority (LA) inspectors found that inspectors should be prosecuting in three times as many cases than they currently do. The audit report, which has been obtained by the CCA under the Freedom of Information Act, and has until now not been made public concludes that there is a “serious gap” in inspectors’ implementation of HSE's own enforcement guidance

24 Jan Failure to prosecute Scottish Ambulance Service contrary to enforcement policy expectation
The decision by the Crown Office not to prosecute the Scottish Ambulance Service after a damning report prepared by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is contrary to HSE's prosecution policy, says the Centre for Corporate Accountability.
10 Jan

Dangerous Organisation will escape manslaughter prosecution under new Bill says Senior lawyers
Large dangerous organisations that kill will continue to escape prosecution under new manslaughter offence say senior lawyers. In a legal opinion for the Centre for Corporate Accountability, Paul Thornton QC and Francis Fitzgibbon state that “it is worth asking whether this law will have teeth at all, or whether it makes corporate criminal liability for deaths as easy to escape as it is at present."


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