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"Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Bill, 2006
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Corporate Manslaughter and
Homicide Bill 2006

The Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Bill 2006 has now passed through all stages of the House of Commons and is going through the Lords.

To read the most currently amended bill after the 5 February 2007 Lords 'Report' stage, click here

This page provides you current information on what is going on with the Bill, access to all the key documents, and provide you information on CCA's view's on the different elements of the Bill.

The CCA is actively involved in working with trade unions, human rights organisations (in particular Liberty and Inquest) and families groups (see FACK) to try and improve this Bill and is supporting particular amendments.

House of Lords Debate

Report Stage (5 Feb 2007)
CCA briefing and amendments
Briefing by Inquest, Liberty, Prison Reform Trust and Justice

To read the debate: First part, Second part

Grand Committee (11, 15, 17 and 18 Feb 2007)
CCA Briefing and amendments
Legal opinion to CCA on Senior Managment test

To read the debate: 11th , 15th, 17th, 18th

Second Reading Debate (19th Dec 2006)
CCA's Briefing to the Lords
Liberty's Briefing
Justice Briefing

To read the debate: 19 Dec

House of Commons Debate

Report Stage (4th Dec 2006)

To read the debate: 4th Dec

Commitee Stage (19th, 24th, 26th, and 31st October 2006)
CCA briefing and ammendments
Liberty's Briefing

To read the debates, click here

Second Reading (10 Oct 2006)
CCA Briefing
Liberty Briefing

To read the debate, 10 Oct

Joint Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights
This report looks at extent to which the Government Bill fails to comply with the European Convention on Human Rights, principally due to its exemptions dealing with public bodies.
- download (PDF)
- read on web site

Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Bill (July 2006)
To download the bill originally introduced into parliament
To read the Explanatory Statement
House of Commons Library Research Report

(To read about the stages through which a parliamentary bill must pass before becoming law, click here)

Previous Consultations
To find out more about the history of the Bill all the way back to the Law Commission proposals in1996

2005 consultation, Responses, and Parliamentary Scrutiny
2000 consultation and responses

Background Documents

"Why reform is required" - document published in 2003, jointly with the TUC and Disaster Action
Manslaughter "time-line"




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Page last updated on February 15, 2007