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Proposed Manslaughter Reforms, 2005
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Proposals to Reform to the Law of Manslaughter, 2005

In March 2005, the Government published a draft bill to reform the law of manslaughter in England and Wales. This is 9 years since the Law Commission published its report in 1996 recomending a new offence of 'corporate killing', and five years since the Government published its first consultation document in 2000.

The period of consultation finished in June 2005. In July, the Home Affairs and the Work and Pension Select Committees of the House of Commons took written and oral evidence about the bill.

You can download the draft bill by clicking here

To read about reform in Scotland, click here

CCA response to the Draft Bill

Response to the Home Office
To read a summary of the main CCA response to proposals
To download the full response (40 pages)
- To download legal opinion on whether the new bill is in violation of the Human Rights Act
- To download legal opinion on 'duty of care' issues (though does not consider human rights acts issues)
- To download a note from John Halford, Bindman's Solicitor
Evidence to the Select Committees
To read oral evidence given by the CCA
To read additional CCA written evidence or download
To read a general press release by the CCA on its response, click here and to read the press release on the legal opinion, click here

Short Briefing on 2005 Draft Bill

Key sections of the Bill
Who will be able to be prosecuted for new offence
Position of Crown Bodies
What Needs to be proved - the Legal Test
- Relevant Duty of Care
- The ‘way’ an organisation is organised and managed
- Senior Manager involvement
- Gross Breach
- Causation







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