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Conference on "Corporate Manslaughter, Directors Duties and Safety Enforcement", 19 Nov 2007

Papers from the Conference on "Corporate Manslaughter, Directors Duties, and Safety Enforcement"

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Lord McKenzie of Luton
Health and Safety Minister Keynote Speech
Brendan Barber
TUC, General Secretary Trade Union Views
Steve Tombs
Powerpoint Presentation
CCA Chair, Prof. at John Moores University CCA Views
Michael Large
Powerpoint Presentation
Vice Chair, Institute of Directors Directors Duties - Legal Change or Voluntary Guidance
David Bergman
Powerpoint Presentation

Executive Director, Centre for Corporate Accountability

Directors Duties - Legal Change or Voluntary Guidance
Richard Lissack QC
(paper not available)
Outer Temple Chambers New offence of Corporate Manslaughter - prosecution and likely impact
Mark Smith, Det Chief Sup
Powerpoint Presentation
British Transport Police Investigating Manslaughter
Dorothy Wright
37 year old son Mark was burnt to death in April 2005 Corporate Manslaughter - Family perspective
Linda Whelan
23 year old son Craig burnt to death in 2002 Corporate Manslaughter - Family perspective
Mick Murphy
18 year old son Lewis was burnt to death in 2004 Corporate Manslaughter - Family perspective
David Bergman
Powerpoint presentation
Executive Director, Centre for Corporate Accountability Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Bill


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