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Speeches, papers and presentations made at CCA Conferences, Seminars and Meetings

Conference on Corporate Manslaughter and the Government's Draft Bill June 2005
Conference on Corporate Killing Apr 2004
2nd Conference on 'Law Enforcement and Corporate Accountability', July 2002
Meeting on Disclsoure by Coroners courts and Investigation Bodies of Information to Bereaved Relatives Apr 2002
Meeting on 'Manslaughter Investigations into Work-related Deaths' Feb 2002
1st Conference on 'Law Enforcement and Corporate Accountability' Nov 2001
Meeting with APIL on Proposed Reforms to the Law of Manslaughter July 2000


'Law Enforcement and Corporate Accountability'

This second conference in July 2002 on Law Enforcement and Corporate Accountability was again organised jointly with the TUC. To download the original invitation, click here (PDF Document)

The following speeches can be downloaded (Word).
Anne Jones, whose son Simon was killed in April 1998.
Maureen Kavanagh whose son Peter was killed in the Southall Disaster
George Stewart whose son Paul was killed in September 1998.
Penny Allen whose son Ridgley was killed in February 1999.
Diana Macaulay whose son Matthew was killed in the Paddinton Disaster
Michael Toomey who was seriously injured in July 1998.

Richard Hardy, PROSPECT, trade union representing HSE inspector

To read more about the law of Manslaughter, Click here
To read more about the Health and Safety Executive, Click Here
To read about recent deaths of workers, Click here
To contact us for advice, Click here

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'Manslaughter Investigations into Work-related Deaths'
This half day seminar, organised jointly in February 2002 with RoadPeace, was in response to a decision by the National Liasion Committee to revise the Protocol of Liaison of Work-Related Deaths. To download the original invitation, click here (in Word)

To download the briefing document prepared for this meeting
Click here (in Word)

Subsequent to the this meeting the NLC published a consultation document.

• To download the NLC's proposed changes (in PDF)

• To download CCA's full response, click here (in word)

• No new Protocol has been published. To download the current protocol, Click here (in PDF)

• To read more about manslaughter investigations, click here

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Disclsoure of Information to Bereaved Relatives
This seminar, organised jointly with INQUEST in April 2002 looked at the issues surrounding what information investigation bodies (like the police and the HSE) and Coroners should provide to bereaved families.

To download the invitation, click here

To read about the issues of what information the Health and Safety Executive does (and should) provide to families, click here

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'Law Enforcement and Corporate Accountability
This was the first conference organised jointly by the TUC on Law Enfocement and Corporate Accountability. It was held in November 2001.

The following presentations of speeches can be downloaded

Introductory Session

Frances O'Grady, TUC (Power Point
Steve Tombs, Chair, CCA (Power Point)
Safety Minister, Dr Alan Whitehead, MP (WORD)

Legal Context
David Bergman, CCA (Power Point)
Mel Draper, Head of the HSE’s Policy Division (Power Point)

Use of Enforcement Powers
Sara Marsden, Head of Health and Safety, TGWU (Power Point)
Robert Lucas, Environmental Officers (PDF)

Law of Manslaughter
Louise Christian, Solicitor, Christian Fisher (Power Point)
Home Office Minister, Rt. Hon. Keith Bradley MP (WORD)

Manslaughter Investigations
David Bergman, CCA (Power Point)
Richard Boland. HSE Principa Inspector (Power Point)

Directors and workers
Owen Tudor, TUC, Senior Policy Officer (Power Point)
Michael Appleby, Solicitor, Thompsons (WORD)

Professor Jim Gobert, University of Essex (Power Point)

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Proposed Reforms to the Law of Manslaughter
This meeting was organised, jointly with the Association of Personal Injury lawyers, in response to the Government's proposals to reform the law of manslaughter. It took place in July 2000.

To download the original invitation, Click here (word)

To see an analysis of the Government's proposals and what the CCA thinks about them, Click here.

To download the briefing document prepared for this meeting, Click here (word)

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