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Activities of the Centre

The Centre's activities can be divided into three main categories - Advice, Research, and Advocacy. The Principal activity is the provision of advice and we run an advice service for families bereaved from work-related deaths.

We also organise seminars and conferences and index all web-based articles on Corporate Crime, Safety and Accountability.


The CCA is the only organisation is Britain that provides free and independent advice on investigation and prosecution issues to those who have been injured or bereaved from workplace activities. We advise people on the relevant law and procedures, and on how to ensure that:

the police and regulatory agencies undertake investigations in compliance with the law and their own policies and procedures;
coroners hold inquests (where deaths have taken place) and are in compliance with the law in so doing so;
the Crown Prosecution Service and the Health and Safety Executive initiate prosecutions against companies (and their senior officers) for both safety offences and manslaughter, where appropriate.

We will assist people in drafting letters, meeting officials and informing them of their legal remedies.

Many people who come to us already have lawyers who provide them advice on matters relating to compensation. Where appropriate, we also work with lawyers and advise them on how they can take up the concerns of their clients on issues concerning corporate criminal accountability.

Our advisory service is the core of the Centre' work.

Advisory Service


In order to provide upto date and informed advice to families and others, it is important to continually remain upto date on the law and the the investigation and prosecution policies of regulatory agencies, the police and the Crown Prosecution Service.

The Centre therefore continually produces briefings on the Centre's website.

The Centre's advice work also necessitates the Centre to look at the adequacy of the law and the the policies and practices of Government bodies and what reforms would be required to improve worker and public safety, and the enforcement of law. Does the law adequately ensure that company directors have an adequate role in the safety of their company or that companies whose reckless or negligent criminal conduct causes death and injury, can be brought to account?

It is with these questions that our research is also concerned

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Whilst our advice may assist in ensuring that a particular death or injury is, for example, subject to adequate investigation, and our research may assist in ensuring we give proper advice and understand, for example, how courts sentence companies convicted of health and safety offences, it is also important that, when it appears from our advice or research work that safety requires it, we discuss with government bodies whether it is necessary that there are reforms or changes in practices and procedures of Government bodies

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Page last updated on January 10, 2004