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To read what the CCA understands to be the situation about the Government's intention to reform the law of manslaughter, go to the manslaughter update page by clicking here.

Manslaughter Convictions
To see details of all work-related manslaughter convictions, acquittals and on-going cases - including a new work-related manslaughter prosecution that starts at the Old Bailey on Tuesday 25th October, click here.

As of 24 November 2003, the situation is as follows.

Nos of Incidents (involving at least one death) that have resulted in conviction
Total Nos of deaths involved in these incidents
Nos of Companies convicted
Nos of Company Directors Convicted
Nos of Business Owners (i.e sole traders or partners) convicted
10 15 5 8 3

For further information contact: 020 7 490 4494



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Page last updated on January 11, 2004