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23 December 2003, immediate release

Home Office Delays Publication of Corporate Killing Proposals

The Home Office has confirmed to the Centre for Corporate Accountability today that it will not be publishing proposals to reform the law of corporate manslaughter until 2004.

In May 2003, when the Criminal Justice Bill was being debated in Parliament, the Home Office - in response to an amendment that would have introduced a new offence of Corporate Killing - issued a statement in which it said that:

"a timetable for legislation and further details would be announced this autumn."

However autumn passed and no timetable for legislation has yet been announced.

However, the Home Office then subsequently promised to publish proposals by the "end of the year".

However the Home Office has now told the CCA that the proposals will not be published until 'late January or early February', though it told the CCA that it still intended to publish a draft bill in the Spring of 2004.

This further delay comes in a week in which the Centre's Work-related Death Monitoring Service has identified that at least ten people have died in work-related incidents (nine workers, one member of the public).

Date Name Circumstances
16 Dec 2003 Alan Ronald Aged 44, from Clydebank and employed by Scottish Power, he died while doing routine tests on overhead power lines in Lanarkshire, Scotland.
16 Dec 2003 Kelly Pattinson Aged 20, she was killed at her parent's farm in Teesdale, County Durham, when she fell on moving tractor machinery while cutting wood.
17 Dec 2003 Virgil Williamson Aged 37, a steeplejack from Stoke on Trent died following a fall of 49m from a chimney at the Albion Mill, Pollard St, Manchester.
17 Dec 2003 Sean Rowe Aged 30, from Plymouth, he was electrocuted when the arm of a mechanical lifter he was operating to lift telegraph poles connected with a high voltage cable at Challonsleigh Farm Recycling Centre near Plymouth. He was employed by Fujitsu Communications Ltd.
17 Dec 2003 Name not available A 50 year old construction worker was crushed to death under a portable cabin in Carnyorth, Cornwall.
18 Dec 2003 Daniel Readshaw Aged 13, lost his life while on a school swimming lesson at St. John's Roman Catholic School, Bishop Aukland, County Durham. His sister died in a similar swimming pool incident, also aged 13, in 2001.
20 Dec 2003
Salah Bashdar Aged 19, from Radcliffe, Manchester was crushed under a vehicle at FR Autos, Longsight, Manchester.
22 Dec 2003
Michael Briers Aged 30,he died when his road gritter overturned in Diggle, Manchester.
23 Dec 2003 Name Not Available Aged 43 and from Newtown he died at the former KTH factory at Llanidloe - now owned by the Welsh Development Agency (WDA)- and which was in the process of being de-commissioned.
23 Dec 2003 Name not Available A 36 year old from Norwich died when he fell into a waste paper shredder at recycling firm MW White of Ketteringham, Norfolk.

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