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Death of Shada Miah, 12 Apr 2007, Rupganj Sugar Mill
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Death of Shada Miah (25) who was cut into two by a crane at Rupganj Sugar Mill on 12 April 2007

The investigation took place four months after the incident.

On arrival at the premises of City Sugar Mill, situated in Rupganj Thana’s Ruposhi Village, the investigators talked with a former labourer at City Sugar Mill but currently, he is working as a rickshaw puller because very little work is available at the Sugar Mill.

He said that he had heard that a worker named Shada Miah had died. Ships laden with cargoes of wheat arrive via the Shitalakhya river flowing behind the Sugar Mill. On the day of the incident, Shada Miah and another worker were loading the wheat cargoes using an 'ultra-modern crane'. According to Anisur Rahman, whilst the crane was being operated the iron prongs on the sides of the crane pierced Shada Miah’s body and cut him into two. In such circumstances, the frightened crane operator escaped the scene by swimming across the river.

The investigators entered the Sugar Mill showing security visiting cards to discuss the incident with the Mill Manager. However, the senior officials of the Sugar Mill expressed reluctance to talk to the investigators and instead advised them to contact the Mill’s head office located in Gandaria, Dhaka.

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