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Death of Abdul Gani, 26 Mar 2007, Ruhi Bill Fields
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Death of Abdul Gani and an unidentified worker on 26 March 2007 when they were crushed by bricks which were being unloaded at Ruhi Brick field in Savar.

The investigation took place in September 2007 – six months after the incident. On arrival for investigation in Bhakurta Union, the local residents informed the investigators that the Ruhi Brickfield was situated in Shyamlasi village.

There, the investigators met one worker who provided the following information. He said that, “An incident happened 4/5 months ago in Ruhi Brickfield. I was working on that brickfield on the day of the incident. Around 12pm noon on that day, I heard screams and when I ran there I saw that due to the conduct of the driver while loading the bricks into the truck, two labourers became trapped under a pile of bricks.”

He went onto say that: “The trapped labourers were rescued then and there and were taken to the Dhaka Medical College Hospital. One of the labourers died on the way when we were close to the Shahid Minar; the other died in the emergency unit of the hospital. One of the deceased’s name was Abdul Gani; the other’s name could not be obtained. As a result, the latter was buried by Anjuman–e–Mafidul Islam.

He said that the two deceased labourers were not employees of Ruhi Brickfield. People who buy bricks from the brick field, bring their own trucks and labourers. The deceased were labourers who came with the truck.

He went onto say that: “3 of our owners together paid Tk.30,000/- to the family of Abdul Gani through his uncle. The brickfield owners also paid the expenses for taking the dead body of the deceased to his village home. “

The investigators also talked to Ruhi Brickfield’s night-guard who confirmed the circumstances of the deaths.

An unnatural death case was lodged

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Page last updated on February 4, 2008