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Bangladesh - Details of Worker Deaths
Bangladesh Main page

Bangladesh - Details of Worker Deaths

The CCA is working with the Bangladesh Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Foundation and the Bangladesh Institute of Labour Studies to monitor worker deaths that are reported in the national Bengali and English medium newspapers, and the newspapers in eight districtrs.

This is the first time that Bangladesh workers deaths are being monitored and the information published in this way. It should be noted that these reports are likely to be only a small fraction of total worker deaths that are estimated to take place (to read about these estimates, click here)

The deaths are organised into months of the year. Click on the relevant month to find information about deaths in that month. Most press reports about worker deaths are very short - and so the circumstances of the deaths are described very briefly.

The CCA works with another organisations in Bangladesh, Ain-O-Salish Kendra (Law and Mediation Centre), which investigates some of these deaths. When there has been an investigation into a death - you will see a link that allows you to read the summary report of the death. To see all of the investigation reports, click here

Deaths and injuries in 2007




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