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The Government and HSC's Position on Directors Duties and whether the law should be changed

This all started in 2000, with the publication of a strategy statement, "Revitalising Health and Safety"

Since then there have been four Health and Safety Commission (HSC) meetingsdiscussing this issue: the first one in 2001 asked for drafting of voluntary guidance; the second meeting in 2003 rejected the need for a legal change; the next meeting in 2005 supported legal duties; and the third one in May 2006 decided to "wait and see".

You can read about all these meetings, and where we are now, by looking at the links below. They are in reverse chronological order.

The Current situation
HSC Board Meeting, May 2006
HSC Board Meeting, December 2005
Select Commitee, 2004 and Government response
Publication of "Making Companies Safe", CCA's Critique of HSC's postion on directors duties, September, 2004
HSC Board Meeting, December 2003
Hazards Campaign, and Government Response, 2003
HSC Board Meeting, January 2001 - voluntary Code
Revitalising Health and Safety, 2000


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