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Directors Duties - Current situation
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Director Duties Page
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Director Duties - Current Situation

Following the April 2006 meeting, and its decision to put on hold its previous decision made at its December 2005 meeting to support the introduction of legal duties on directors, the HSE and the Institute of Directors have now publised new draft voluntary guidance on directors duties.

To read more about this consultation, click here, to download the consultation document. click here

The CCA is criticial of the continuing delay in (a) the HSC not following its previous decision to advise Government on introducing legal duties on directors and (b) the Government's failure not to introduce legislation as promised in 2000.

To read a chronology of the the delays and obfuscation in relation to the way the Government and the HSE have dealt with this issues
To download a letter the CCA has written to the Chair of the HSC
To read CCA's press release on this issue
To read the CCA's response to the consultation

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Page last updated on June 24, 2007