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Board of Directors
She is one of the country's leading civil right lawyers and for many years has acted on behalf of families bereaved as a result of work-related deaths and disasters. She was the solicitor in the private manslaughter prosecution of South Coast Shipping over the Marchioness disaster, and was involved in the successful judicial review of the Crown Prosecution Service's decision against prosecuting the managing director of a company in relation to the death of 24 year old Simon Jones.

Deborah COLES (Deputy Chair)
For over ten years, Deborah Coles has been a Director of the pressure group INQUEST which campaigns against deaths in police custody.

She is a teacher and the mother of Simon Jones who died on his first day of work at Shoreham Docks in April 1998. The Crown Prosecution Service only agreed to charge Euromin and its managing director for the manslaughter of Simon after Anne and her family launched a judicial review against the Crown Prosecution Service.

She is an organiser for the trade union, UNISON

Najma is a trainee solicitor at Bhatt Murphy Solicitors. Prior to taking on her traineeship she was the Centre's first Caseworker for a two year period.

Anna is a former client of the CCA.

Prof. Steve TOMBS (chair)
Steve Tombs is a Professor of Sociology in the School of Social Science at Liverpool John Moores University. He has a long-standing interest in the incidence, nature and regulation of corporate crime, and the regulation and management of health and safety at work. Since 1999, he has been researching the control of corporate crime in Finland. His other main, current research interest is in the Politics of Knowledge. His most recent publications are Beyond Criminology? Taking Harm Seriously (Pluto Press, 2004, co-edited with Dave Gordon, Paddy Hillyard and Christina Pantazis) and Unmasking the Crimes of the Powerful: scrutinising states and corporations (Peter Lang, 2003, co-written with with Dave Whyte). He is also co-author of Corporate Crime (Longman, 1999), co-written with Gary Slapper.

Stephanie TROTTER
She is the director of Co-Gas Safety, a charity concerned with carbon monoxide deaths.

Richard TUDWAY (Treasurer)
Richard Tudway is an economist with experience of international finance. He currently teaches at Huron University USA in London. He has a particular interest in corporate social responsiblity and directors responsibilities.

Dr. Dave Whyte is Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Stirling where he teaches courses on, and researches criminology and criminal justice. His specialisms are in corporate crime, health and safety crime and the regulation of business. He has published numerous book chapters and scholarly articles on those topics, in journals such as 'Policy and Politics', 'Journal of Law and Society', and 'Policy and Practice in Heath and Safety'. His most recent major publication is 'Unmasking the Crimes of the Powerful' (Peter Lang, 2003 with Steve Tombs).

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