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Work-Related Death Monitoring Service
This Project is supported by:

The CCA monitors work-related deaths in England and Wales.

We contact coroners courts, police press offices, and local newspapers on a regular basis in order to compile the information below.

We are the only non-Government organisation to undertake this work.

We are now puting the information that we have obtained on this website.

Click on the Counties below to access information on deaths that have taken place in that part of the country.

Please note, this is not a comprehensive list of all deaths – only those for which we have information.

If you have details of any deaths since April 2001 which are not mentioned below, please contact us and
provide us the information that you have.

If you are seeking advice in relation to any death, please contact the Centre's

Work-Related Death Advice Service on
020 7490 4494 or e-mail us by
clicking here.

To find out about forthcoming inquests please click here



*North East Wales comprises the counties of Wrexham and Flintshire, North Central the counties of Denbighshire and Conwy and North West Wales the counties of Anglesey and Gwynedd.

This work is undertaken by Mick Holder and John Rigby for the CCA

Page last updated on March 31, 2008