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Organisation of Bangladesh's Factory Inspectorate
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Organisation of Bangladesh's Factory Inspectorate

As of August 2006, there were currently 80 staff (an additional 30 positions were vacant) involved in inspection activities, based in four Divisional offices - Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna and Rajshahi. These inspectors have jurisdiction over 24,229 registered factories throughout Bangladesh, about 3 million shops and establishments (there are no exact figures for this and two ports (one in Chittagong, one in Mongla which is in Khulna district)

There are five different grades of inspector - Chief inspector, Deputy Chief Inspector, Assistant Chief Inspector, Inspector and Assistant inspector – with the first two grades generally not being involved in any field inspection activities. These inspectors are divided into four basic categories set out in the table below:

Inspector Category Purpose Nos
Inspectors of Shops and Establishments enforces legislation applying to shops and offices which does not impose any health and safety obligations

Inspectors (general)

enforces in factories legislation relating to wages and maternity leave. 26
Inspectors (engineering) enforces safety legislation in factories 13
Inspectors (health) enforces health and welfare legislation 9
Dock Labour Safety Officer enforces dock safety legislation in the two docks in Bangladesh. 1

Of these – only ‘inspectors (medical)’, ‘inspectors (engineering)’, and the dock labour safety inspectors, are involved in health, safety and welfare issues

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Page last updated on April 30, 2007