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ILO's Labour Inspection Convention

ILO's "Labour Inspection Convention"

Bangladesh is a signatory to ILO’s labour inspection convention – which obliges states to establish an inspectorate able to enforce those labour laws that the government has enacted. The Convention requires, for example, an Inspectorate to employ a sufficient number of trained and competent inspectors with the resources to carry out an appropriate number of inspections.

Every two years the Bangladesh government must report to the ILO’s Committee of Experts about its compliance with the Convention.

Last year the CCA was involved (along with a Bangladesh based NGO called OSHE) in producing a report which was sent to the ILO’s commtee

To read the Labour Inspection convention click here.
To read about the monitoring process by the ILO
To see CCA’s and OSHE’s 2006 report to the Committee of Experts and what the Committee said
To read what the Bangladesh governments told the ILO on inspectors numbers and how the Committee of Experts responded, 1984-2006






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