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Directors Duties - the argument for legal reform
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Directors Duties - the argument for legal reform

The CCA has produced two documents that set out clearly the need for legal reform. They were both produced around the Health and sfety Commission meeting in December 2005, when it had to make a decision on whether or not it woulodl support legal reform.

In November, prior to the meeting, the CCA wrote a brefing for the Commissioners explaining the reasons in favour of legal reform.

After that, in late November, the HSE's paper to the Commission - which came down in favour of continuing with the voluntary approach - became publicly available. The CCA then wrote a response to that which was again sent to the Commissioners prior to the meeting. (This meeting finally came down in support of a change in the law, but things changed again at the May 2006 meeting)

In addition, there is an important paper by Prof. Phil James - commissioned by the HSE itself - which looks at the research evidence on this issue.
CCA Briefings
CCA Briefing to the HSC, November 2005
CCA Response to HSE Paper, December 2005.
To see HSE paper to which this was a response, click here
Prof. Phil James Paper



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