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Dec 2003
Press: Crown Immunity for Manslaughter Offences Under Challenge.
Any reform to the law of manslaughter must apply to all employing organisations - including Crown Bodies, and not just companies - in order for the Government to avoid being in violation of its human rights obligations according to a legal opinion produced by human rights lawyers at Matrix. 
Click Here (3 Dec 2003)
Nov 2003
Press: Queen's Speech - Corporate Killing Legislation?
To read what the CCA understands to be the situation about the Government's intention to reform the law of manslaughter, and to see up-to-date details of all work-related manslaughter convictions, acquittals and on-going cases - including a new work-related manslaughter prosecution that starts at the Old Bailey on Tuesday 25th November.
Click Here (24 Nov 2003)
Oct 2003
Press: HSC to decide today whether the law should impose safety duties on company directors .
The Health and Safety Commission is meeting today (Tuesday, 14th October) to decide whether company directors should be required in law to take reasonable steps to ensure that their company is complying with health and safety law.
Click Here (13 October)

Press: "Corporate Criminal Accountability Gap in Scotland"
- New Research
Only two company directors/senior managers in Scotland have been convicted of health and safety offences since April 1999 according to research, conducted by the Centre for Corporate Accountability. This compares with 27 directors /senior managers convicted in England and Wales of health and safety offences over the same period.
Click Here (13 October)

New Report shows Sharp Enforcement Differences between Local Authorities
The CCA has undertaken an analysis of how different local authorities enforce health and safety law which shows wide divergences in the levels of inspection and investigation between the different local authorities. The report, "Safety Lottery: How the Level of Enforcement of Health and Safety Depends on Where you Work," is published by the public section union, UNISON, and the CCA.
Click Here (7 October)
Aug 2003

An exciting opportunity exists for a lawyer, or caseworker, to run the CCA's highly regarded 'Work-Related-Death Advice Service'. The WRDAS is concerned with investigation and prosecution issues that arise following a work-related death. You will be engaged in the assessment of cases involving deaths (and injuries) and will work directly with bereaved families and relevant public bodies including the police, the Health and SafetyExecutive and Crown Prosecution Service. Closing Date 22 September 2003.
Click Here for more information

New HSE Guidance on the Prosecution of Individuals
This page is a briefing on the prosecution of individuals for health and safety offences and in particular looks at guidance that the HSE has produced for its inspectors in July 2003. This is the first time that the HSE has produced comprehensive guidance to its inspectors on this issue and it is an important document.
Click Here (19 Aug 2003)

New HSE Guidance on the Investigation of Individuals
This page looks at the guidance HSE inspectors have been given in relation to the investigation of individuals - with particular reference to directors and managers.
Click Here (19 Aug 2003)

HSE's New Policy on the investigation of Major Injuries.
The HSE is planning to reduce the number of major injuries that its inspectors will investigate, and the amount of time that its inspectors will spend on the investigations that they do carry out. These plans are contained in new instructions that the HSE have sent to its inspectors. The HSE believes that the organisation has become too focused on the investigation of deaths, injuries and other incidents and should "restore a largely preventative focus."
Click Here (12 August 2003)
July 2003


Ministers from the Scottish Executive and Westminster, Crown Office officials, trade unions, employer organisations, the Health and Safety Executive, lawyers, academics and bereaved families are all speaking at the CCA's conference on 'Safety and Corporate Criminal Accountability' which is being held in Glasgow on Thursday 23 Oct 2003.
Click Here for more details

Press: Crown Prosecution Service to Reconsider Manslaughter charges Relaing to Avonmouth Deaths
The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) will now have to reconsider its decision not to prosecute any individuals for manslaughter following yesterday's inquest verdict of 'unlawful killing' which concerned the deaths of four mean who fell 30 metres from the Avonmouth bridge in September 1999.
Click Here (22 Jul 2003)
  Press: Judges Order New Inquest
The High Court ruled on Monday 21 July 2003 that there should be a new inquest into the death of Stephane Aineto - a 28 year old French man who was killed in Brighton in July 2001 when he was run over by a refuse truck driven on Council business. The inquest must take place in front of a jury
Click Here (21 July 2003)
The decision to prosecute two large companies over the Hatfield disaster is very significant. It is very rare for the Crown Prosecution Service to prosecute a large company for manslaughter. There have only ever been a handful of companies convicted of manslaughter - all of which have been small.
Click Here


One year contract:- renewable subject to securing of further funding

The CCA is recruiting a part-time Deputy Director for one year

Closing Date for applications: 1 August 2003

If you would like further details and to download the application forms
Click Here

Press: High Court gives permission for legal challenge over HSE's Failure to prosecute following death of a 12 year old boy
A decision by the Health and Safety Executive not to prosecute following the death of a twelve year old boy will now be subject to a 'judicial review' before the High Court following a ruling by Mr Justice Moses. The ruling was given following legal proceedings issued by Christian Khan solicitors on behalf of Karen Pullen, the boys mother.
Click Here

Government ministers, MPs from all main political parties, trade unions, employer organisations, bereaved families and the Health and Safety Executive are all speaking at the CCA/TUC's 3rd joint conference on 'Law Enforcement and Corporate Criminal Accountability', being held in London on Monday 7 July 2003
Click Here
  Publication of Draft Bills on 'Corporate Killing' and 'Directors Duties'
As part of the debate on the Government's proposals to create a new offence of Corporate Killing and to impose Duties upon Company Directors, the CCA has drafted two Bills.
Click Here (17 June)
  HSE's Investigation Procedures Available
The CCA has put on its website the Health and Safety Executive's detailed procedures for undertaking investigations into deaths, injuries and other incidents. These procedures are not available on any other website.
Click Here (13 June)
  News Update: Company Director sentenced today after pleading guilty to health and safety offences which resulted in death
Moores Timber Merchants Ltd and its director Michael Broadbent will be sentenced today at Manchester Crown Court after they pleaded guilty earlier this week to health and safety offences which resulted in the death of 20 year Mohammed Omar Akhtar.
Click Here (12 June)
  Deaths from April 2001, County by County
The CCA has set up a new page that provides details of work-related deaths, county by county. This is the only website to obtain these details. Information on seven Counties are now available: Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Bridgend, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Carmathenshire, West Midlands.
Click Here (12 June)
News Update : Transco Homicide Prosecution Collapses
Scotland's Court of Criminal Appeal has dismissed 'culpable homicide' charges against Transco PLC, the gas supply company, relating to the deaths of four people who died on December 22, 1999 when a massive explosion destroyed a
family house in Larkhall.
Click Here
May 2003 Update Page: "Government's Plans on Reform to the law of Manslaughter"
This page sets out 'where the Government is now' with its
plans to reform the law of manslaughter, and what the plans actually are. This page is updated whenever there are any developments,
Click Here
  Press: 15 Directors Convicted of Health and Safety Offences
Fifteen people who are either company directors or very senior managers have been convicted of health and safety offences between April 1999 and January 2003, according to research conducted by the CCA. These convictions, following offences that were committed between October 1996 and October 2001, resulted in the directors/ senior managers receiving an average fine of £2,656. None were sent to prison.

Click Here
Press: CCA Comment on Guardian story: 'Firms Face Corporate Killing Law"
Click Here
  News from CCA 'Work-Related Death Monitoring Project'
14 construction workers have been killed in the last six weeks according to research by the CCA's 'Work-Related Death Monitoring Project'.
Click Here
Briefing: HSE, the Police and compliance with Health and Safety Law
A new detailed briefing on the role of the Health and Safety
Executive in enforcing health and safety law on the Police Service. This details:
• the obligations upon the Police Service in relation to
ensuring the safety of police officers and members of the public;
• guidance given by the HSE to its inspectors in ensuring that the Police Service is complying with the law;
• which deaths and injuries to employees and members of
the public should be reported to the HSE;
• when should the HSE investigate these incidents and the workingpractices of the police
Click Here
April 2003

(Six Month contract: Maternity Cover)
The CCA is recruiting a part-time office manager for six months to replace our current manager who will shortly be taking maternity leave

Closing Date: 16th May 2003

If you would like further details and to download the application forms
Click Here

  Press Release: National Audit Office to hold Inquiry into the Work of the HSE
The National Audit Office (NAO) is undertaking an inquiry into the role of the Health and Safety Executive in improving health and safety in the Construction Industry. This is the first inquiry by the NAO into the HSE for 9 years.
Click Here (14 April 2003)
Government ministers, MPs from all main political parties, trade unions, employer organisations, bereaved families and the Health and Safety Executive are all speaking at the CCA/TUC's 3rd joint conference on 'Law Enforcement and Corporate Criminal Accountability', being held in London on Monday 7 July 2003
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March 2003 Briefing - Health and Safety (Offences) Bill
A briefing on Laurie Quinn MP' private members bill which would amend the powers that the courts have in sentencing organisations and individuals to health and safety offences. The bill has Government support.
Click Here
Briefing - New Procedures for the Investigation of Work-Related Deaths
A briefing on the new 'Protocol of Liaison on Work-Related Deaths' which states that the police should be involved in a manslaughter investigation right from the start and only stop when 'it becomes apparent during the investigation that there is insufficient evidence" that manslaughter has been committed. There are other significant changes.
Click Here
Briefing - Directors Duties on Safety
A new briefing on the obligations of company directors towards ensuring the safety of their company. What does the law say? Why is the conduct of directors important? Why should duties be imposed? What has the Government said about it?
Click Here
Information Note- forthcoming Judicial Review against CPS
On Tuesday 18 March 2003, the High Court begins a two day hearing concerning whether a decision by the Crown Prosecution Service not to prosecute Salford City Council for the manslaughter of a 30 year old man in the Council's care, was lawful. It is the first time that a challenge has ever been made against the CPS concerning a failure to prosecute a council for manslaughter.
Click Here
Winter 2003 Edition of 'Corporate Crime Update'
Focuses on Challenging Government Decisions. Edition includes: HSE Budget Cut • Widow challenges HSE for information • Coroner forced to Hold Inquest • Family seeks new Inquest • Family Challenges CPS failure to Prosecute Council for Manslaughter • how to make a challenge • manslaughter update
Click Here

New Report on 'Corporate Killing'
The CCA, Disaster Action and the TUC have published a new report on the office of Corporate killing
Click Here to download (word)

Click here to read more on law of manslaughter
House of Lords Debate on Corporate Killing (20 Feb)
"The Government are committed to introducing legislation to increase corporate liability for manslaughter. We are currently conducting a regulatory impact assessment. This is a routine measure which is undertaken on all new proposals. We shall legislate when parliamentary time allows."
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Feb 2003
Press Release: Solicitor General gives permission for legal challenge against coroner over work-related death
The Solicitor General, the Rt Hon Harriet Harman QC MP, has given her permission this week for a second legal challenge to be brought in relation to the inquest into the death of Stephane Aineto.
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(20 Feb)
Press Release: HSE Report says that new offence of 'Corporate Killing' will improve safety and increase accountability.
A report published this week by the HSE states that the new corporate manslaughter legislation, "should act as a powerful deterrence to help prevent needless injuries and deaths whilst at the same time punishing the grossly negligent."
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(19 Feb)
Briefing - HSE's Policy on Disclosure of Information
A new detailed advice page setting out HSE's policy on disclosure of information and what information the HSE will and will not provide to members of the public and how to obtain the information.
Click Here
Press Release: Widow Challenges Failure by HSE to Prosecute Directors
Moira Martin, the wife of David Martin, who was crushed to death in December 2000, is challenging the failure by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to provide proper reasons for its decision not to prosecute a company director over her husband's death.
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(18 Feb)
Jan 2003
Ombudsman's Reports concerning complaints against the HSE
CCA Website publishes ten years of Ombudsmans' reports concerning the HSE
Click Here
Briefing - Complaining about Decisions made by Government Bodies
New detailed advice on how the public can complain about the conduct of the HSE, police, Local Authorities, and CPS
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